To all Followers who are interesting in a new super processor which I call joroprocessor

The processor is ready to produce. The hybrid circuits, which is tested and prove the functionality of the invented by me new architecture and entirely new principle of running is finished. Already is finished the main of automatically inside coding, which cannot be recoding and insures the super functionality of this processor, which for the first time is so close to the functionality of the human brain. So next is the some data about this processor:


By G. Kanev

Degree of equivalence (10) raise to the 8 power (d.e.)

 Combine Space Matrix Reversible Shifting Register about data and commands (CSMRSR)

 Arithmetic of the Processor (AP)

 Mathematic of the Processor (MP)

 Analysis of the Processor about the Similarity of the Objects (APSO)

Analysis of the Processor about the Similarity of the Voices Harmony and Timbre (APSVHT)

 Remembering of the Movements with Aiming Analysis (RMAA)

 Remembering of the Groups of Similarity – wide similarity and multiformity (RGS)

Remembering of the Voices Following the Movements and Analysis (RVFMA)

 Smell Similarity and Remembering (SSR)

 Touch Sensitive Similarity and Remembering (TSSR)  

 Main Analog Connections of the Processor – connecting with the surrounding analog world (MACP)

Features of the processor

The processor can add, or subtract two (n-digits) decimal numbers with about maximum 19 tact impulses, where (n) can be until 10 000 decimal digits. For example the number 23377462187462536 does represent 17 decimal digits. The processor can multiply or divide two (n-digits) decimal numbers with about maximum (190+19)n tact impulses if on the processor is uses only part of the matrix, but the maximum possible speed can to be 19n tact impulses, if the two numbers, as a whole (sum by the two decimal digits) are less than 10 000 decimal digits, (a,b,c….x,y,z – 10 000 numbers decimal digits).  For example the two numbers: 253754612537436 and 46875965716546746 do represent 15 +17 =32 decimal digits. The power of the processor, if the tact frequency is equal to about (1 Ghz), this power is equal to 10 (Terabits), multiplied by the tact frequency, it is runs until (10) raise to the 22 power (bits/sec) . The processor can analyze objects and sounds and other analogues signals, as to take decisions in expedience, by the inside automatically coding. The speed of the processor is the same about the two kind of inside memories: short memory and long memory (living time 5-6minutes without power and capacity 10Terabits each), as it is about the processor itself, i.e. there it isn’t difference between the speed of the processor and the speed of the access into the memories.

These companies which are willing to take the risk and face the challenge and try to produce this processor, for them I propose to discuss my intellectual property right in accordance with the rules shown in helpforhelp –   Right of the companies is to compete about their technology patents and other patents of their machinery.

So I wish You luck!